Why would teenagers intentionally inflict pain on themselves in a fallen world that produces enough suffering?

Is teenage rebellion just a normal rite of passage?  When it arises, how can we deal with it in a God-glorifying way?

How do we train our children to live by the Biblical standards of purity in their sexuality?

How can our teens stand up against the tidal wave of porn that is coming at them day after day?

A key aspect of teenage development is the embracing of their God-given identity.  How do we help our teens in this age of confusion?

How does such a normal part of our lives become so abnormal?  Teenage eating disorders demand our full attention and a Biblical solution.

Isn’t a little beer drinking and experimenting with drugs just a normal part of the teenage years?

The world has changed a lot since the identification of the adolescent phase of development.  So how do we best understand teens today (within a Bibl...View Details

Training our children how to relate to siblings, friends, and enemies is an essential activity of the Christian parent.

What do you do with a rebellious child?  You must first recognize the primary cause and goal of your child’s rebellion!

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