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The sexual abuse of children is a horrific evil in our world.  How can a person not only survive it, but overcome it—in Christ?

It can feel like a heart attack.  It can send you to the emergency room.  How do we solve the difficult problem of panic disorder?

Do you blame others around you for your own challenges in life?  You need to have your mind renewed to break free from a victim mentality!

Demon possession or a brain-based disorder?  Is there any real hope for psychotic disorders like schizophrenia?

Every person has a personality.  How can a personality become disordered; and, what can we do about it?

Trauma has always been with us.  So why does it seem like so many people are crumbling under all sorts of trauma today?

We all experience up and down shifts in our moods.  So, when are we really suffering from Bipolar Disorder?

Obsessions.  Compulsions.  How do we solve the challenging anxiety disorder known as OCD Biblically?

Disease.  Disability.  Disorder.  These are forms of human suffering that compel the local church to act as a hospital, family, and discipleship cultu...View Details

Some of our relationships are worry-free.  Others are difficult and even painful.  So how are we to navigate relationships in God-glorifying ways?

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