As a grandparent, what is expected concerning your care of your grandchildren? 

How are you handling holidays and family events each year?

Do you give money and gifts to your adult children with strings attached?

How do you show respect, and give space, to your adult child’s marriage and family?

How are you relating to your adult child’s spouse?  Do you see him or her as your adult child too, or something less?

Are your married, adult children still your children?  Do you have an adult-to- adult relationship with them?

Has your married, adult child really left you?  Can an adult child who doesn’t leave actually cleave to a spouse?

We live in an age where tolerance is celebrated as one of the highest virtues.  So, is there any room for judgment?

How is Satan’s definition of freedom different than the freedom we have in Jesus Christ?

We often idolize power.  Satan offers power that is disconnected from God.  God connects power and weakness.

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