There is nothing harder to do in this life than to tame our tongues.  What makes it so difficult?

Should Christians ever use their tongues to judge others?  What is the difference between judgment and discernment?

One thing we all need as human beings is encouragement.  Why is it so hard to give people the encouragement they need?

Christians should be the best listeners on the planet, right?  Why is good listening such a challenge for us?

We all like to be praised and dislike criticism.  What does God’s Word say about these two types of communication?

What can we do about the problem of talking too much?  Or, what if we have the opposite problem?

Christians need to move from words that shame to words that correct and restore another person.

What place do joking, mocking, and teasing have in the communication arsenal of the Christian?  Is it all just ridiculing that must be avoided?

Is gossip just a normal part of human society?  Or is it a destructive form of communication that doesn’t belong among Christians?

How can Christians use words that are absolutely spoiled and rotten?

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