How does such a normal part of our lives become so abnormal?  Teenage eating disorders demand our full attention and a Biblical solution.

Isn’t a little beer drinking and experimenting with drugs just a normal part of the teenage years?

The world has changed a lot since the identification of the adolescent phase of development.  So how do we best understand teens today (within a Bibl...View Details

Training our children how to relate to siblings, friends, and enemies is an essential activity of the Christian parent.

What do you do with a rebellious child?  You must first recognize the primary cause and goal of your child’s rebellion!

How do we parent our children who are so highly impacted by all sorts of video screens and entertainment technology?

How do we parent the child who is extremely shy or socially anxious?  Is this a mental disorder, or a sinful heart condition that needs to be changed...View Details

Disciplining our children Biblically must have as its primary goal the production of self-discipline, for the glory of God.

Is one of your primary goals to give your child a strong work ethic?  Laziness and apathy should never characterize a follower of Jesus Christ.

Children who are treated like snowflakes do not function well in this world.  How do we raise resilient children Biblically?

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