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God has chosen to put us in families.  Our sin makes family life difficult.  What happens when family becomes dysfunctional?

When does sinning against a spouse become abuse?  What are both spouse’s Biblical responsibilities when abuse has occurred?

Are you in a codependent relationship?  This relational dynamic disorder reveals idols of the heart that need to be destroyed.

Your marriage can be grounded on either a covenant of grace or a covenant of works.  Can you tell the difference?

Marriage is the miracle of making two people onto one flesh.  So, why is it so hard to have true marital intimacy?

One of the best marital promotions ever: All marriages have problems because all people have problems...

Why is marital communication always a problem?  We need to become better talkers and listeners.

From our God-given marital roles, husbands and wives need to effectively sort out their marital responsibilities.

In our modern age of egalitarianism, what do we do with Biblical commands to lead and submit in marriage?

In a stress-filled world where ingratitude rules the day, Biblical peace and thankfulness should rule the Christian home.

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